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Street Improvement Petition Program Sidewalk Petition Program Improvements Initiated By City Council

The City’s Street and Sidewalk Petition Program have been suspended until further notice; therefore, currently, the City is not accepting new street or street and sidewalk petition requests, however, street and sidewalk improvement inquiries may be e-mailed to for review.

Some streets in the City of Raleigh have never been improved to include pavement, curbs, gutters or sidewalks. Why? Because at the time many areas were developed, they may have been outside of the city limits or outside of the City's extraterritorial jurisdiction. As a result, the streets were not required to be built to City of Raleigh standards. Over the years, many such non-standard streets have been brought into the Raleigh city limits. Property owners may petition to have these streets paved, resurfaced or improved to include curbs and gutters via the Street Improvement Petition Program. Additionally, property owners may petition to have sidewalks added to streets via the Sidewalk Petition Program.


How to Request Street or Sidewalk Improvements

Raleigh citizens may petition the City to install new sidewalks along residential streets that are located inside of the City limits.

Street Improvement Petition Program

Property owners may petition the city to make improvements to residential streets within the city limits. Such improvements may include paving of gravel streets, addition of curbs and gutters or resurfacing of streets that do not have curbs and gutters. Upon completion, a portion of the project cost is passed to the abutting property owners in the form of a paving assessment for the completed street improvements.

More Information on Street Improvement Petitions

Sidewalk Petition Program

Property owners may petition the city to complete small gaps in the sidewalk network or install new sidewalks along residential streets that are located inside of the city limits. To qualify for the program, a street must have curbs and gutters and be accepted for maintenance by the city. In most cases, there are no costs for residential property owners.

More Information on Sidewalk Petitions

Improvements Initiated By City Council

If a petition fails to receive enough signatures and support from property owners, the Petitioner or property owners may request that City Council initiate street and sidewalk improvements. When a project is initiated by the City Council, a formal public hearing is held to allow council members to receive comments from interested parties before deciding whether to proceed with a project. City Council has the authority to direct a project and if approved the petition becomes a City Council Initiated Project. 

Request to Appear Before City Council



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