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New Bern Avenue Pedestrian Improvements

Improving mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic

In early March 2020, City Council passed a motion that combined the New Bern Avenue Pedestrian Project with the Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue Project.

Combining these two projects will allow the installation of enhanced pedestrian facilities and will eliminate back to back construction along the corridor. Please visit the Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue web page for more information on this project.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
Kimley Horn and Associates



Sean Driskill, PE
Project Manage

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services
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Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction




We have combined the project with the Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue Project, and are currently working on the advanced design. For more information on the project please visit the Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue Project web page.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


New Bern Avenue is classified as a future 6-lane Divided Avenue in the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan and serves as a major east-west commuting route into Downtown Raleigh. The current roadway cross-section is a four-lane median divided roadway from I-440 to Poole Road and operates as a divided one-way pair from Poole Road to the State Capitol. This project did not include road widening, but was interim pedestrian improvement project to provide a more pedestrian friendly corridor with sidewalk connectivity and improved access to transit stops along this highly traveled corridor. The project is now combined with the Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue Project

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