row of bikes at a rental station on fayetteville street in downtown Raleigh

Last Year Raleigh Managed Over $58 Million in Grants

Every year Raleigh receives federal and state grants to maintain and replace buses, provide complimentary transportation service to individuals with functional disabilities, help at-risk youth, build and maintain affordable housing and fund overtime for police services.

Recently completed projects using one-time grant funding include:

  1. The N.C. Clean Water Management Trust Fund provided funding to assess conditions of the Upper Lake at Durant Nature Preserve and develop alternatives for addressing dam and spillway deficiencies.   
  2. The City received a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant to launch Raleigh’s public BikeShare. There are now 300 bikes with 30 stations throughout downtown and southeast Raleigh.
  3. State Homeland Security Program grant funded a portable x-ray device. The device allows Raleigh Police to determine if an unattended bag or package is a public safety threat.

FY 20 Annual Report

To read more highlights about grant funding in the City of Raleigh, view the FY20 Annual Grant Report.