SWS heroes

Solid Waste Services Heroes Save A Life

Solid Waste Services is so lucky to have so many exceptional employees! Our department would like to take the opportunity to spotlight our very own Jacob Fuller and Earl Graham for their incredible service. 

In early February, SWS team members Jacob Fuller and Earl Graham stopped at a gas station before initiating their early morning residential routes. While inside their truck they noticed a brief commotion and a vehicle leave the establishment. When Jacob and Earl exited their truck, they noticed a lone individual bleeding heavily from a wound in his leg. Jacob Fuller approached the individual, started first aid, and called 9-1-1. Jacob used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Both men remained on the scene until first responders arrived to secure the area and provide additional treatment to the injured. The quick response and first aid administered by Jacob likely saved a life. 

This is a great example of Jacob’s and Earl’s outstanding dedication to customer service. We commend both employees on their heroic efforts in a challenging situation! 



Amanda Astor

Solid Waste Services