Recommendations on City Council Terms and Compensation

Raleigh City Council appointed a 10-member study group to review how the City elects and compensates the Mayor and City Council. The existing framework for City Council was established in 1973. The framework consists of the first elected Mayor, two At-Large council members, and five district seats. The study group was directed to conduct research and provide recommendations on the following: 

  1. Should City Council members serve two-year or four-year terms? 
  2. Should City Council members serve staggered terms? 
  3. Should the compensation of City Council members be adjusted?  
  4. Are there ways to increase voter engagement and participation in local elections?  
  5. Should the number of City Council members be increased? 

Over the course of a year the study group met numerous times to discuss each of the topics and together they brought forth a recommendation. The recommendation was presented to Council on Sept. 7, 2021.  

Below is a link to the full report produced by the Study Group and a summary of the report is also available. 

Next Steps

City Council directed staff to get public feedback on the recommendations of the Study Group. The public is invited to attend a Public Listening Session. There are three sessions planned in December and January. You can also join a virtual Study Group Meeting and share your thoughts or take our online survey

Listening Sessions:



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