John Fanning

Assistant Fire Chief of the Office of the Fire Marshal

John Fanning is an Assistant Chief with the Raleigh Fire Department and currently serves as Raleigh’s Fire Marshal and division head of the Office of Fire Marshal (OFM). He is a second-generation firefighter with 34 years of service who has worked up through the ranks with the privilege of serving his community.

John is a VA Tech graduate of the school of Architecture, where his student-lead company conducted research into innovative fire protection and smoke removal systems. John also holds an Associates of Fire Protection Technology from Durham Tech and numerous technical credentials. He has a long history of building lasting work relationships with the business community and looks forward to making a difference every day.

John is a multi-disciplined instructor and has taught fire classes across two states for 30 years for several collegiate systems. His occupational focus has always been on developing future leaders and espouses the belief that one should never let his schooling get in the way of his education. The proper investment is in people!  He has received several distinctive awards including 1993 Raleigh Fire Academy Valedictorian; 2010 NC State Firemen’s Association Fireman of the Year; and, 2010 American Legion Raleigh Firefighter of the Year.

John is a husband of 30 years and father of two children. He is an active member of his community, having served as a church Deacon, little league baseball coach, girls fastpitch softball coach, and volunteer firefighter.

John Fanning