Two bikes traveling in the bike lane on Person Street near Governor's Manson, heading north

Current Bike lane on Blount Street

Sunday – Sunday
October 2021

Open House - Blount St & Person St Improvements, Phase II

Welcome to the Blount St. and Person St. Improvement Project Virtual Open House! 

The purpose of this Virtual Open House is to:

  • Provide an update on the project;
  • Show renderings of design concepts we are considering; and, 
  • Get your input on what street design options you like the best.

Project Update Video

Here is a short video about the project and some of the concepts we are considering for the corridor.

Blount St & Person St Improvement Project, Phase 2 – Early Design Presentation

We are improving the Blount St and Person St corridor from Hammond Road to Wake Forest Road. This video details some of the design concepts that we are considering for the corridor.

We Want Your Feedback

We have developed some design elements and we want your feedback. 

Please visit the Blount St and Person St, Phase II - Design Survey page and tell us what option you would like to see for the southern and northern ends of the project. 

Live Q&A Sessions

The team hosted two virtual live events where they gave a short presentation and answered questions about the project.

We will be at the Stroll in the Streets event on Sunday Oct. 17. Drop by and talk with a team member about the project and let us know what design options you like best.

Live Event Dates

Tuesday Sept.14  from 6-7:30 p.m.

Tuesday Sept. 21 from 6-7:30 p.m.

We recorded the meetings and the team is always happy to answer your questions.

Go to the Blount St and Person Street, Phase II Engagement page to view the recordings.


Project Update

We will not be making the roadway any wider, therefore the team needs to work with what is there and incorporate both on-street parking for businesses and bike lanes for cyclists, as well as add traffic calming measures to help with reducing vehicular speed and enhancing safety along the corridor.

The City has decided not to include any new enhancements in the section between MLK Boulevard and Edenton Street with this phase of the project. The City feels it is best to study Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) operations in this section before we make improvements. We will make improvements in this section at a later date.

Between Edenton Street and Hammond Road both Blount and Person Streets will remain one-way streets, but we will convert both streets to two-way operation from Edenton Street to Wake Forest Road.

We are planning to include traffic calming features on the southern end of the project between MLK Boulevard and Hammond Road, including a traffic light at Bragg street to help slow traffic and add safe pedestrian access to the neighborhood park. 

The project also includes improvements at a couple of locations along Wake Forest Road. We will install a roundabout at Wake Forest Road and Delway Street and another one at the intersection of Wake Forest Road, Automotive Way, and Brookside Drive. Detailed schematics of both roundabouts can be found on the in the link list titled Public Meeting Maps & Renderings.

What the roundabout at Wake Forest Road and Automotive Way will look like. This roundabout replaces the current situation where Wake Forest Road, Automotive Way, and Brookside Drive come together today in a series of complicated, congested, and difficult to navigate intersections. It is important to note, the traffic signal at the intersection of the Capital Boulevard ramp and Atlantic Avenue will remain.

A rendering of the roundabout at Delway Street. This roundabout will transition the newly two-way Blount and Person Street corridors to the existing two-way Wake Forest Road corridor.  

Public Meeting Maps & Renderings

Full detailed maps and renderings are listed here. These are the PDF versions of images seen on the survey as well as the detailed schematic of both roundabouts.



Reuben Moore, P.E.
Project Manager

Sylvester Percival, P.E.
Engineering Supervisor 


Event Type:
Open Houses and Public Hearings