Carolina Pines Avenue Public Art Community Meeting - VIRTUAL

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The Carolina Pines Avenue Street Improvement Project is located between Lake Wheeler Road and S. Saunders Street. The corridor includes a lake and well used public park as well as a residential neighborhood. The goal of the streetscape project is to improve mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic while enhancing safety throughout the corridor. This project will include stand-alone or integrated public art, which may include stand-alone sculpture, artwork sited at stormwater catchment site(s), and/or artwork integrated into pedestrian paving, lighting, benches/bike racks or other site elements.

Public artist Gabriel Eng-Goetz is gathering inspiration and learning about the Carolina Pines Avenue community. Register in advance to share your stories and thoughts during virtual community meetings held using Zoom, a free video-conferencing software.

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Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director

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Arts and Entertainment