Triangle Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity Alliance

Raleigh is a proud charter member of the Raleigh Chamber’s Triangle Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Alliance, which envisions making the Triangle the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive business environment in the country. The Alliance, which launched in March 2019, includes both local government and regional business leaders to accelerate efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

The Alliance promotes best practices, convenes strategic partners, and advances innovative DEI solutions in the workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Additionally, the Alliance highlights the evolving demographic changes in our region which is fundamental to growth and sustainability.

The Alliance convened its first DEI Conference in late 2018 which attracted more than 400 participants, trended nationally on social media, and led to the gathering of experts and practitioners on effective practices and strategies in this space. After the conference, the Alliance developed programming to support businesses in their continuous DEI journey, which included:

  • Quarterly DEI Roundtable meetings to share best practices from the business community;
  • Quarterly we Connect business after hours social networking, to celebrate our region’s diversity; and
  • Quarterly Courageous Conversations seminars to advance learning and reflection on critical DEI topics in the workplace.
  • Monthly business improvement seminars titled Black Business Momentum; and
  • Quarterly small business coaching, networking support, and free year-long Raleigh Chamber membership via Pathways Programs.

The Alliance will continue to take a strategic approach to diversity, equity and inclusivity priorities, focusing on areas where regional business leadership can make a meaningful difference



Mark Weldon
Division of Community and Small Business Development


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Housing and Neighborhoods
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