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What are Neighborhood Art Funds? What are Neighborhood Enrichment Funds?

Funding for Projects that Enhance and Strengthen Neighborhoods

What are Neighborhood Art Funds?

Neighborhood Art Funds are for community members and groups that are interested in collaborative art projects for Raleigh’s neighborhoods that support artistic and cultural exploration, connection and understanding.

These funds can provide community groups with up to $1000 from the City of Raleigh for art projects that involve the local community. All projects are initiated, planned, and carried out by community members.

These funds for are for neighborhood-initiated art projects throughout the City of Raleigh. Residents can design their own projects; drawing on their individual, group and community assets, skills and talents. This funding also empowers neighborhood groups to utilize and pay local artists/instructors, etc., to help create their own community-based art ideas.

More information on Neighborhood Art Funds, including application and information packet.

What are Neighborhood Enrichment Funds?

Neighborhood Enrichment Funds support projects designed by you and your neighbors for the benefit of your neighborhood. You are urged to develop proposals that make the most of resources and strengthen partnerships.

These three types of projects are eligible for Neighborhood Improvement Funds:

  1. Neighborhood organizing: To create, diversify, or expand membership in a neighborhood group for the benefit of the entire neighborhood or community. Examples: newsletters, outreach, Web pages
  2. Physical improvement: To physically improve a neighborhood or community. Examples: Landscaping, signs, park and playground equipment.
  3. Non-physical improvement: To organize and hold events and activities. Examples: Festival, celebration, training session, workshop, educational campaign.


More information on Neighborhood Enrichment Funds, including application and information packet.



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