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Office of Strategy and Innovation

Meet Our Team

The Office leads city strategy and transformative projects like Bloomberg Challenges, Big Ideas, and Smart Cities initiatives. It also performs legislative and policy analysis, and maps the organization’s vision and values in a way that creates innovative solutions.

We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration, and look forward to working with you to catalyze Raleigh's inclusive and innovative community.

Office of Strategy and Innovation Team


  1. Heather McDougall,
    Chief Inspiration Officer

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  2. Stephanie Olson,
    Champion of All Things Awesome

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  3. Jennifer Fox,
    Lead Enabler

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Office of Strategy and Innovation

OSI boldly reshapes strategy and supports ongoing cycles of continuous improvement for greater service delivery by collecting and connecting talent to spark new ideas.

Our Why and Strategies


Our office is committed to cultivating a culture of innovation by providing the resources needed to empower teams and individuals to think boldly.

  • Open door policy
  • Openness to new ideas & honest feedback
  • Develop leaders
  • Provide resources and opportunities
  • Accountability
  • Clear vision

Foster Collaboration

We recognize that people are at the core of innovation and continuous improvement. With this in mind, our office will work to connect talent and facilitate partnerships.

  • Promote a community working environment
  • Support public/private partnerships
  • Encourage creativity
  • Share knowledge, insights, and resources
  • Get out into the community
  • Leverage team member strengths


Big and small wins happen everyday within City departments. It is important to us to recognize the strategic thinking and innovation of City employees.

  • Open and consistent communication with all departments to collect stories
  • Creative and engaging storytelling
  • Educate the community about the good work going on in the City
  • Attract new partners for collaboration



Heather McDougall
Senior Manager

Stephanie Olson
Planning and Performance Analyst

Jennifer Fox
Senior Strategic Planning and Performance Analyst

Lead Department:
Strategy and Innovation