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"Ask Alexa" About Your City of Raleigh Services

"Alexa...What is my trash pickup day?"

The City of Raleigh Information Technology Department has a new application that allows you to find information about vital City services. The application works with the Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices and is now available online. Simply download the Alexa skill called "City of Raleigh" to enable its use. Then access with the voice command, "Alexa ... Open City of Raleigh."

The available commands include:

  • What is my trash pickup day;
  • What is my recycling pickup day;
  • What is my yard waste pickup day;
  • Is this my recycle week;
  • Who is my Council person;
  • What is my police district; and,
  • What is my Council district.

Raleigh joins just a handful of cities with voice-enabled information available through Alexa-enabled devices.

This application showcases how we can integrate our Information Technology services into citizens’ everyday lives, using a tool that they are familiar and comfortable with. Now, the public can get relevant, specific answers about City government services any time of the day or night.

Lead Department:
Information Technology
Service Categories:
Public Information and Social Media



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