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Pollinator Week Activities Around Wake County

Celebrating Pollinators in Raleigh

Pollinator species like bees, birds, butterflies, and bats play a unique role in the health of our environment and our community. 

Ninety percent of the world’s wild plant species rely on animal pollinators for reproduction and 20% of agriculture revenue in the U.S. is the result of pollination. 

One in three bites of food is courtesy of insect pollination. Each June, Raleigh and our neighboring communities celebrate Pollinator Week. We are joined in this celebration by our fellow Wake County Bee Cities, Apex and Garner, and Bee Campus North Carolina State University

In 2021, Pollinator Week is June 21-27 and you can find information and activities here:

Diversity of Native Bees with Dr. Hannah Levenson

June 21, 11 a.m. - noon 

Learn about the who, the how, and the what of native bees. Attendees will learn about the diversity of native bees in North Carolina and how these species can differ in their habitats and behaviors. We will discuss what can be done to support these important organisms as well as what is already being done through examples of ongoing research in NC and beyond. Register at go.ncsu.edu/native-bees

Developing Habitats for Birds and Bees in Your Home Garden

June 22, noon - 1 p.m. 

Learn how to create habitats for bees and birds in your home garden! Debbie Hamrick, Director of Specialty Crops at NC Farm Bureau Federation, will speak about her personal garden and why she became interested in developing habitats for birds and bees. She’ll also discuss her work with the NC Farm Bureau Federation that is geared to commercial beekeepers, the green industry and the NC Pollinator Conservation Alliance. Register at go.ncsu.edu/birds-bees

How to be "Bat Friendly" Neighbors

June 23, noon - 1 p.m.

Join Becky Skiba, from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, as we learn more about the benefit of bats and how to be “bat friendly” neighbors with little effort. Addressing small changes in landscaping and structure, how bats influence agricultural and forestry management, and the life needs of bats, we will explore how we attract bats and keep them active and healthy. We will also look at the conservation challenges facing bats in NC and around the world.

Register at go.ncsu.edu/bat-friendly

Let's Talk Pollinator Gardening!

June 24, noon - 1 p.m.

Join Danesha Seth Carley, Ph.D. and Ms. Anne M. Spafford, MLA, ASLA as they discuss their latest book, “Pollinator Gardening for the South: Creating Sustainable Habitats”. Learn about planning, planting, and maintaining successful and beautiful pollinator gardens from two experts in their field. They will answer all of your questions about how to create beautiful pollinator gardens. Register at go.ncsu.edu/pollinator-gardening

Bee Campus USA Scavenger Hunt and Presentation

June 25, noon - 1 p.m.

Join faculty from NC State’s Bee Campus USA committee to learn about the steps NC State has taken to receive certification as a Bee Campus USA for its ongoing efforts to conserve pollinator species. A bee scavenger hunt will start on Monday, June 21. Participants will be entered to win prizes, and winners will be announced at Friday’s virtual presentation. Register at go.ncsu.edu/bee-campus


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