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City Planning

Conducts a vast array of planning, real estate and design services to support community involvement and visioning for future growth and development throughout the city.

City Planning focuses on working with the community, stakeholders, and city officials to develop and put in place policies to shape the future of the city and maximize the quality of life for its residents.

Raleigh has seen continued growth as individuals, families, and businesses move to the region and as an increasing number of people choose to stay. This growth means increased development, which can change how a city looks and feels and can put stress on the available resources that we all share. At the same time, we are also growing in diversity, and new residents often have different needs and ideas about what Raleigh can be. How will the city accommodate these changes?

By planning for the future, the city can respond to and prepare for these changes so that Raleigh remains a great place to live. The Department of City Planning conducts studies of areas based on recommendations from City Council, residents, and city planning staff. When undertaking these studies, the Department of City Planning works with the community to evaluate issues in a specific area. Once the issues have been identified, the Department of City Planning begins looking for solutions.




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