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City of Raleigh: Meet a Few Of Us!

As we said before, it takes almost 4,000 full-time and 2,000 part-time employees to keep the City of Raleigh thriving. We have more than 270 various types of positions and with 24 departments and offices offering a variety of services, the City of Raleigh has something for everyone.

Here’s your chance to meet a few of our employees and hear what they think of working for the City.

David Blount

David Blount

  • Position: Communications Analyst
  • Department: Communications
  • Length of time with the City: 21 years
  • Basic work duties: Overseeing content on both internal and external websites, photography, content editing, maintaining photo archive
  • Best part about working for the City: My teammates. Easily. The people I work with daily make the good things better and the bad times easier. The hardest part about Covid was not seeing and talking with them each day.
  • What would you like to tell anyone about working for the City of Raleigh: It’s a job that, when done right, actually makes people’s lives better. You’re not selling a product. You’re enabling people to live their best lives. It integrates you into the deepest fabric of people’s lives. We impact people’s safety and health. We are the foundation on which the community rests. That isn’t power; it’s a very special privilege. 
Rico Boyce

Rico Boyce

  • Position: Major
  • Department: Police
  • Length of time with the City: 22 years
  • Basic work duties: Manage the Field Operations Division for the Police Department. Make sure officers are providing police services throughout the City. 
  • Best part about working for the City: I like the many different people that I come in contact with every day.
  • What would you like to tell anyone about working for the City of Raleigh: This is both for employees and anyone else here in Raleigh: Take advantage of the many different cultural and social events that are available in the City of Raleigh. With so many parks, greenways, concert venues and sporting events there is something for everyone to do while in the Capital City. 
Jeanne Bray

Jeanne Bray

  • Position: Employee wellness coordinator
  • Department: Human Resources
  • Length of time with the City: Two years
  • Basic work duties: Design, plan, and implement health promotion campaigns to encourage employees to engage in healthy behaviors and to connect them with existing resources and benefits. Host wellness events throughout the year, such as the annual wellness assessments, wellness and benefits fairs, and health education seminars that focus on the six dimensions of wellness. Analyze program results and wellness trends to determine efficiency of programs and employee needs. Keep employees connected through wellness platforms and various communications to ensure wellness program success. 
  • Best part about working for the City: Being able to work with each department and learn how each of them has its own unique culture. It has been a rewarding experience to have the opportunity to have a positive and healthy impact on the employees through existing and future wellness programming.  
  • What would you like to tell anyone about working for the City of Raleigh: The City has many great opportunities for those who are looking for their next phase in their career. With a wide variety of departments, you can find your place to grow and to make a positive impact on the great city of Raleigh.
Monique Gyant

Monique Gyant

  • Position: Transportation engineer
  • Department: Transportation
  • Length of time with the City: Six months
  • Basic work duties: Review traffic impact analyses and provide engineering support for Transportation Planning and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
  • Best part about working for the City: The sheer amount of diversity my role provides me. No two weeks are the same!
  • What would you like to tell anyone about working for the City of Raleigh: I appreciate the holistic approach that the City has when it comes to transportation. Transportation is not just moving cars from point A to point B, but rather factors in every user and mode of transportation to provide a better quality of life. 
Jamie Quinn

Jamie Quinn

  • Position: Interim director of Laurel Hills Community Center
  • Department: Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
  • Length of time with the City: Seven years
  • Basic work duties: Facility management, programming, camp management, athletic league management
  • Best part about working for the City: I live for the consistent inconsistency of the job! Year-to-year, I do the same things but day-to-day is different. I never know what I’m going to experience when I walk in the door, but I know I’ll be making someone’s day better. 
  • What would you like to tell anyone about working for the City of Raleigh: If you’re looking for an organization that will challenge you to experience new things, create opportunities, and open doors, this organization is the one for you. There are so many different career paths within the City of Raleigh, but all will provide a deeper level of satisfaction than you ever could have imagined. 



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