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Status Update Background Process Steps

Status Update

On November 19, 2019, City Council decided to end the Cameron Village NCOD process. Their decision was made at the request of the original petitioners of the Cameron Village NCOD. As a result of City Council’s decision, the process will not advance to the next steps of creating an NCOD and no subsequent action will take place.

At some later date, if residents have interest in establishing an NCOD for the Cameron Village Neighborhood, a new petition must be submitted to the City Council and the process restarted from the beginning.


In May 2019, residents of the Cameron Village neighborhood submitted a petition to City Council requesting consideration for a neighborhood built environmental characteristics study.

This analysis is the first step in the potential creation of a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD). NCODs are an extra layer of zoning that are primarily used to alter the dimensional standards of the base zoning of properties such as lot size, lot width, building setbacks, and building height.

More information about NCDODs and other overlay zoning tools is available on the Character Preservation Overlay Districts page.

Process Steps

  • Cameron Village residents submit a petition to City Council requesting consideration for an analysis of neighborhood Built Environmental Characteristics study (May 21, 2019)
  • City Council directs staff to complete the Built Environmental Characteristics study (May 21, 2019)
  • Planning staff present results of the study at a neighborhood meeting (July 25, 2019, at Jaycee Park Community Center)
  • Planning staff presents the results and a summary of the neighborhood meeting to City Council and Council decides whether to authorize a text change to incorporate the Built Environmental Characteristics into the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) (August 20, 2019 and November 19, 2019)
  • Planning staff works through the text change process with Cameron Village residents
  • Text change public hearing to incorporate new custom NCOD zoning district for Cameron Village (results in approval or denial)
  • If the text change is adopted, a rezoning petition may then be submitted to apply the NCOD zoning district to the study area (TBD)
  • Rezoning petition must be signed by 51% of the property owners within the NCOD area or City Council may direct staff to act as the applicant, which requires no signatures. 
  • Planning staff works through the rezoning process with Cameron Village residents
  • Rezoning public hearing to apply new zoning to the map (results in approval or denial)
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