First National Bank (FNB) Tower

501 Fayetteville Street, Downtown Raleigh

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FNB Tower Quick Facts Traffic and Pedestrian Impacts

The First National Bank (FNB) Tower is a 22-story mixed use building that will be constructed at 501 Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh. This is a private development project with a construction timeline that runs from May 2018 until early 2020.

The 500 block of Wilmington Street will be reduced from three lanes to two lanes weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Then from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays, the road will be reduced to one lane. The lane reductions will remain in effect for the duration of the construction. On weekends, the lanes will be closed on an as-needed basis during the same hours.

Parking changes will also take place around the construction site. 

FNB Tower Quick Facts

General Project Information

  • Project: A new 22 story office, retail, and residential tower will be built at 501 Fayetteville Street located between Charter Square and One City Plaza Building.
  • Schedule Duration: Early May 2018-March 2020
  • Property Owner: Dominion Realty Partners, LLC
  • Contact:
  • Contractor of project: Choate Construction
  • Contact:
  • City of Raleigh Contact:

Traffic and Pedestrian Impacts

Pedestrian Rerouting

  • Wilmington Street: North/South bound pedestrian’s walking on the West side of Wilmington St. (between Lenoir St. and Cabarrus St.) will be redirected to the East side of Wilmington St.
  • Fayetteville Street: North/South bound pedestrian’s walking on the East side of Fayetteville St. (between Lenoir St. and W Davie St.) will be redirected to the West side of Fayetteville St.
  • Overhead Protected Walk: will be provided on existing walkway between 501 Fayetteville Street and the North Side of Charter Square allowing pedestrians access from Fayetteville St to Wilmington St (Charter Square Parking Deck elevator/stair lobby and Haymakers etc.) and vice versa.

Parking Impacts

  • No public street parking on Wilmington and Fayetteville Streets will be allowed at all locations paralleling the construction fences.
  • Access/entrance to the Charter Square Parking Deck will only be via Lenoir St. During the first phase of construction. Once that is complete, a second deck access/entrance will be re-opened on Wilmington St
  • Charter Square Parking –Level P4 will be CLOSED during the duration of the project.
  • Exiting Charter Square Parking Deck will be provided at Wilmington Street and Lenoir St. 

Wilmington St-Drive Lane Changes-Traffic Mitigation Plan

  • Lane closures-Wilmington St (between Lenoir & Cabarrus St) will be narrowed from three lanes to two lanes during the duration of construction. Additional lane closure as noted below.
  • Week day peak morning traffic- 6:00-9:30 am-there will be two lanes open 
  • Week day after peak morning traffic-9:30 am-9:00-the will be ONLY one lane open
  • These hours will also be in affect during the weekends on an as needed basis
  • Special Events will be coordinated with and designated by city staff.

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