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Code Interpretations

Comments? Complaints? Questions?

Call the Development Management Team at 919-996-2634!

The Development Management Team (DMT) is comprised of managers representing Planning, Inspections, Development Services, Fire, Transportation and Public Utilities.  This multi-departmental team meets weekly to discuss development-related issues, and has the decision-making authority to quickly resolve most problems.

If you require assistance or want to report an issue with regard to any aspect of the development process, please contact the Development Review Manager via email or at the direct phone line above. Simple issues may be addressed without DMT involvement, while more complex issues will require DMT collaboration.

You may also submit feedback by completing the Customer Satisfaction Survey. Whether a compliment or a complaint, your feedback is very important. Your submission can remain anonymous or you may leave your contact information for follow-up

If you would like to see how the City performs, our Performance Reports include statistics and graphs that represent City development review staff compliance achievements with the stated benchmarks, as well as recent and archived permit data.|


Code Interpretations

The DMT will address questions or issues related to development review, and provide interpretations of the Raleigh Development Code or NC Building Code. Click here information regarding development inquiries and code interpretations.



Karen Ray
Planning and Development

Daniel King

Lead Department:
Permits and Inspections