Two inspectors in a construction home making sure the building is safe.

May is Building Safety Month

Building safety starts with you

Safety in the built environment is an essential component of maintaining public health, making Building Safety Month more relevant now than ever. Join us in celebrating  through social media, events and digital educational materials for kids and adults. Building Safety Month celebrates advances in constructing safe, sustainable, affordable, and resilient buildings and homes around the world.

Week One: Building Safety Starts at Home

Man grilling out

May 1–7:
Building safety impacts our everyday life as family members, friends, and individuals at home. We'll dive into everything from fire safety tips and how to maintain a safe home environmentto how to be more sustainable at home to ensure a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Week Two: Building Safety Professionals and You

Two inspectors in a construction home making sure the building is safe.

May 8–14:
We'll share glimpse into the world of building safety professionals by outlining different roles and their responsibilities, as well as spotlighting building safety professionals who are making a difference in their communities. We'll also breakdown when you should call a building safety professional, specifically for home renovations or buying a house.

Week Three: Prepare Your Community

Two women looking over plans

May 15–21:
It's important to protect not just your home, but your community at large, from disaster. We'll provide real-world examples of how codes protect against ever-increasing flooding, earthquake, hurricanes, and wildfire events, how to prepare for a disaster and how to plan ahead to limit damages to buildings from natural hazards in your community.

Week Four: Advocate for Your Community

Person in reflective vest playing with toys

May 22–28:
Advocating for building safety in your community is important. This week we'll share fun resources to get kids involved with Building Safety Month and give an overview on how to pursue a career in building safety.

Week Five: Solving Challenges Together

Hands being washed with water

May 29–31:
Addressing how we can work together internationally to tackle the world's most important issues facing us today is essential. We'll share examples of how countries are addressing water scarcity, increasing building resiliency and implementing more sustainable practices in building construction and operation.

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