S.A. Corrin smiles while looking at Betty Siegel while she accepts a red glass award on stage

Raleigh Arts Grant Director Honored During 2022 Conference

Three Raleigh arts leaders are recipients of Kennedy Center Arts and Disability Awards!

S.A. Corrin and Betty Siegel pose for the camera on stage while S.A. accepts an award

S.A. Corrin accepting an award from Betty Siegel

S.A. Corrin, arts grant director for Raleigh Arts, received the LEAD Awards for Excellence in Accessibility Leadership at the 2022 LEAD Conference held Aug. 1 through Aug. 5 in Raleigh. The award recognizes a lifetime of achievement in arts and accessibility.

Ms. Corrin created a creative community dedicated to access in her roles at Raleigh Little Theatre, Arts Together, and Raleigh Arts. Ms. Corrin also served on the board of the ADA service organization Arts Access and as a member of the Raleigh Medal of Arts Committee. Her work at Raleigh Little Theater helped garner a Universal Access Award and a position as one of the founding members of the Kennedy Center’s Leadership Exchange in Arts & Disability in 2000.

At Raleigh Arts, Ms. Corrin helped set a vision for Raleigh to be “a community connected through arts and culture, where every person is empowered to lead the creative life, they envision.” She also developed goals for the City to ensure equity, access, and inclusion in all cultural programming.

Ms. Corrin initiated the Arts Learning Community for Universal Access in 2015, a regional peer cohort dedicated to increasing inclusion within arts organizations for people with disabilities in partnership with the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County. She has supported more than two dozen organizations and guided more than 50 arts professionals through this cohort, facilitating education, goal setting, and celebrating accessible arts initiatives from conception to execution. The model proved to be so successful that she has presented it nationally and it has grown to two cohorts plus annual access events.

A collage featuring Johannah Maynard Edwards accepting an award from Betty Siegel on the left and Betsy Ludwig accepting an award from Betty Siegel on the right.

Johannah Maynard Edwards (left) and Betsy Ludwig (right) accepting awards from Betty Siegel

Additionally, Johannah Maynard Edwards of the National Women's Theatre Festival received a LEAD® Award for Emerging Leaders and Betsy Ludwig, received a LEAD® Community Asset Award for her work at Arts Access. The National Women’s Theatre Festival and Arts Access are both Raleigh Arts Partners that receive City arts funding and are members of the Arts Learning Community for Universal Access.

About the LEAD® Awards

The Kennedy Center Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD®) Awards recognize outstanding arts administrators and cultural arts organizations whose leadership and work furthers the field of accessibility. The goal of granting these awards is to increase awareness and focus on the importance of accessibility in artistic venues, cultural institutions, and natural history settings.

Raleigh Arts and LEAD

The Raleigh Arts Plan, a 10-year arts master plan, sets the creative vision for this Southern capital as “a community connected through arts and culture, where every person is empowered to lead the creative life they envision.” Ahead of its time when developed in 2015 and unique across the South, this vision distinguishes Raleigh from many other cities and puts equity and inclusion at the heart of Raleigh Arts’ work. Hosting the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD®) Conference this past August 1-5 is yet another way Raleigh Arts and the City of Raleigh Arts Commission work to achieve The Raleigh Arts Plan’s goals. This event creates an opportunity to build the capacity of arts and cultural organizations citywide to better engage Deaf and disability community members in their programs, on their staffs, and in leadership positions.