Out of Darkness: JP Jermaine Powell

A Block Gallery Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

Manhood 101
Photo on canvas
40" x 30"

Manhood 102
Photo on canvas
40" x 30"

Weapons can be used to save lives. Weapons can be used to end lives. Weapons can bring freedom and take it away just as quickly. Words are weapons. Dreams are weapons.

One of the GREATEST™ lessons that I get to teach my son and daughter is their ancestral history, then and now. They are American History. Their ancestors are fully foundational American even before. America was “The United States America”. I encourage all men to lead where you are with what you have. A legacy of creative problem solving is one of the greatest weapons against life’s battles that I can give to my children and my future generations.

How did you learn how to fight as an American? Physically? Spiritually? Financially?

I am teaching my son and daughter about weapons and how people have used them throughout history. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1990’s, I was taught to fear weapons; now I do not. We study how people will use weapons in real life now. Now they know.

JP Jermaine Powell

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