A large colorful mural of a hockey planner overlaid with a synoptic weather map on the side of a parking deck

New Carolina Hurricanes Mural in Downtown Raleigh!

Check out the vibrant new mural by Gabriel Eng-Goetz

Let's Go Canes!

Have you spotted the new and colorful Community-Initiated Public Art Project in Downtown Raleigh? Located on the parking deck at Cabarrus Street and Gale Street, the large-scale Carolina Hurricanes mural by artist Gabriel Eng-Goetz is inspired by synoptic (wind speed and direction) weather charts. The mural presents a stylized Hurricanes player cutting through the parking deck towards Cabarrus Street. Raleigh’s longitude/latitude coordinates are located at the bottom right corner, and the double-digit numbers represent playoff appearance years, all meant to further the look and theme of a synoptic hurricane chart.

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Jenn Hales
Public Art Coordinator