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Join Us for an Educational Artist Series: Selling Your Artwork

Learn all the details of selling your artwork!

Does your family love your work but not have any more room for it? Have you given all the people you like work and now have moved on to giving it to people you tolerate? Want to sell your work but have no idea how to value it? Terrified of setting up a home studio? Well, Sertoma Arts Center is here to help!

Join us for a workshop where you'll learn all the details of selling your artwork. Registrants are encouraged to bring one piece of artwork (no larger than 15" all around) to have professionally photographed by Sarah Ann Austin, a Sertoma Arts Center photography instructor.

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About the Instructors

Laura Casas, Studio Coordinator at Pullen, owner of Casas Studios LLC and master of all forms of digital media will be presenting on how to market your work online. There are multiple digital streams that can get your work in consumers hands and Laura has a solid presence on them all, I.E. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the newest craze for the kids these days, TikTok!

Joan Walsh, Sertoma Art Center Studio Coordinator, is the proprietor of Joan Walsh Pottery. Joan has been a staple at local in person shows for years and will be sharing her experience of applying into shows, home shows, and will give tons of pointers on how to create a successful setup, take payments, and tips to create buyers that will purchase your work for years!

Kent Ohlman is a Director of Photography and Filmmaker with 40 years of experience using and controlling ambient and studio lighting to create images. Kent will demonstrate how to setup a small photo area for taking images of your work that highlight the best aspects of the forms and glazes. The goal of Kent’s lighting presentation is that he won’t have to cover editing your work because they will look so good to begin with!

Andy McKenzie, Sertoma Arts Center Studio Coordinator, owner of Thirds Pottery LLC, has 30 years of experience mixing clay and glazes and fixing everything that can be broken in a studio. Andy will go over the basics of setting up your own home studio, what do you need to consider when purchasing a wheel, slab roller or kiln.

Sarah Ann Austin, Sertoma Arts Center Photography Instructor, and owner of Legacy Prints and Paper by Sarah Ann Austin has taught film, digital, and alternative process photography at the University of Alabama and a Shelton State College as well as instructing workshops for various art centers and at national conferences such as the Society for Photographic education.

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