Hue Untitled: Kai Des Etages

A Block Gallery exhibition curated by Christina Perkins highlighting Black contemporary artists working in North Carolina

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Inner Cosmos
Kai Des Etages
Gallery wrapped canvas, acrylic paint, resin, fairy dust

Moving Mountains: Amethyst
Kai Des Etages
Wood, acrylic paint, resin, fairy dust

Solar Winds 1
Kai Des Etages
Gallery wrapped canvas, acrylic paint, resin, fairy dust

Artist Statement

The journey deep within can be dark, cold, and lonely. But it’s a journey we must take - when we’re ready.

Art quickly became part of my meditation journey. A chance for me to visually express what I was growing through. A place for me to pour out my heart and acknowledge the growing pains with less judgement.

Over time I’ve become more courageous. Diving deeper within my soul during each mediation and creative session to shed light on parts of me I didn’t know existed. 

Using rich and vibrant colors is an essential part of my work. For most of my life I have identified as ‘black’ and looked no further. 

I’m from Trinidad and as I explore my family history I’m finding that there’s more Venezuelan, Indian, and other islander energy in my DNA than I had known.

When we came to the United States in 2000, I was just 5 years old. I stuck out like a sore thumb in mostly white spaces, so I let my ‘uniqueness’ shine when it served me, but most of the time I tried to blend in.

I’m not blending in anymore. Just letting my light shine naturally. Letting all the vibrant colors within me come to the surface.

For this collection, I explore the previously untouched oceans within. I dive deep beneath my manicured surfaces and let curiosity lead me into the unknown.

About the Artist

Headshot of artist Kai Des Etages

Kai Des Etages is an abstract artist, writer, and yoga & meditation teacher. She graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship in 2017. Kai started painting in 2018 and has since grown a following, sold art across the nation and the world, had 3 solo exhibitions, and was part of 2 group exhibitions.

Kai’s work is deeply inspired by movement in the natural world. During her residency at Azule in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Kai created a collection of paintings inspired by the nature she was immersed in. She channeled the curves of the mountains far off in the distance, the crisp breeze that floated in each night, and the endless constellations and turned them into vibrant sparkling paintings.

That collection was recently purchased by True Rest Float Spa in Cary.

Kai has enjoyed the art journey so far and is hopeful for all that is to come.

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