Hue Untitled: Justin Perkins

A Block Gallery exhibition curated by Christina Perkins highlighting Black contemporary artists working in North Carolina

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Exhibition Artwork Artist Statement About the Artist

Exhibition Artwork

Untitled #1
Justin Perkins
24" x 36

Untitled #2
Justin Perkins
24" x 36

Untitled #3
Justin Perkins
24" x 36

Artist Statement

I gain photographic inspiration from the world––my subjects often center natural elements such as water, plants, and geographic formations. I view my artistic relationship to the natural world as an essential part of my Black artistic theory. It’s a form of resistance to enjoy this experience as a human being. For me, the choice to highlight nature in my work responds to a media atmosphere that prominently features the human body as a driver for entertainment. The opportunity to experience leisure is a luxury our ancestors didn’t have. In my work, I edit my photographs to celebrate leisure. I experiment with the photos’ saturation, contrast, and white balance to convey temperature. Some scenes should have a sense of warmth. However, I have been experimenting with theories of shape by using black and white filters. When the photo is devoid of light, we pay more attention to the shape and form of the subject. 

Justin Perkins recently passed the Maryland Bar Exam and plans to practice telecommunications law and policy.

About the Artist

Justin Perkins is a photographer and line work artist based in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Campbell University and Juris Doctor from Howard University School of Law. A principal theme in Justin’s work is the dynamics of color and how color influences perceptions of the subject’s form and shape. He is concerned with issues surrounding Black empowerment and leisure. He expresses both of these elements through art, and finds photography to be a creative reflection of our world and a useful documentary tool. Previously, Justin focused on travel photography. Referring to the landscapes in his photographs, his style of work has often been described as “scenic” and “expansive.” However, he is currently experimenting with a more subtle and calm series of prints with quieter textures and more focused elements. In addition to photography, Justin was a Tuba player for thirteen years until entering law school in 2018. Justin believes that art is a powerful and necessary medium for channeling positive change.

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