Hue Untitled: Jon Lawrence

A Block Gallery exhibition curated by Christina Perkins highlighting Black contemporary artists working in North Carolina

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Exhibition Artwork

Please visit Christina Perkin's website to listen to The Piece.

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The Piece
Jon Lawrence
Photograph and interactive
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Artist Statement

This work is an acapella piece that resembles crafting a painting. As each sound is being added, it adds another layer to the music until the painting is complete. It evokes an experience of color, shape, and movement. As a multi-instrumentalist who allows himself the freedom to develop his creative sound I am particularly drawn to create works that are built in dramatic iterations and add interactive elements to connect with the audience. With the colorful notes and true expression of this piece I work with the abstract the way an abstract painter manipulates a palette of color -- free and flowing.

About the Artist

With roots in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, Jon Lawrence is an accomplished vocalist. Throughout the course of his music career, he has won the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Singer/Songwriter inspired by different genres such as R&B, Jazz, and Musical Theater, Lawrence has been performing at a variety of venues and has made dozens of musical appearances since the early 2000’s. His performances include the singing of the National Anthem at a Carolina Hurricanes game. Born in New Jersey and raised in North Carolina, Lawrence started playing piano at the age of eight. He was inspired by his grandfather, a blues lover and electric guitarist. Lawrence studied music at the University of Pembroke, expanding his knowledge of musical theory and composition. 

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