Creative Quarantine: Tina Marcus

A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

C-19: Collateral Damage

A Wrinkle in Time

Detail of A Wrinkle in Time

From Tina Marcus -

Walls exist. They exist in various forms with many definitions and connotations stemming from a myriad of stimuli. Walls are physical structures that enclose, divide, protect, lend privacy, and create space that form obstacles. Walls also can be emotions or behaviors expressing positions such as a state of defeat, failure, or ruin, preventing interaction or inviting curiosity. And walls, in the broadest of terms are barrier entities that bring people together or make it difficult to pass through mentally and/or physically.

My works are "soul-selfies". Whereas people today are taking pictures of themselves with their phones, I am painting snapshots of deeply rooted and personal defining moments. My assemblages are my selfies—documenting historical, spiritual, ordinary, and mundane conditions and circumstances.

The new norm of social distancing and sheltering in place resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak has not been an obstacle for me; rather it aligns with my soul-selfies, providing food for thought— documenting snapshots of defining moments. C-19, this small invisible invader has captured the world putting into motion a conglomerate of walls isolating and simultaneously bringing individuals together, yet, at the same time, tearing them apart physically, socially, and emotionally.

Assemblages "C-19: Collateral Damage" and "A Wrinkle in Time" are outcomes of an incident I had seen on the news where deceased bodies in New York were being buried in a mass grave. This profound incident and image compelled me to create memorial pieces remembering the lives and honoring the souls of those unclaimed victims resulting from this viral pandemic war.

"C-19: Collateral Damage" portrays tracking, tracing, containment and spread through the lens of an aerial landscape. "A Wrinkle in Time" is a memorial for the global victims who passed away with each cluster representing continents and dots mapping and representing perished souls.

And so, while we are physically and socially distanced contained within this myriad of walls, submitting works through social media platforms is a way for communities to connect, know we are all in this together, that we are not isolated and we are more together than before. tM

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