Creative Quarantine: Stacy Crabill

A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

From Stacy Crabill -

During the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, my studio has become the creative center for our family in new and innovative ways. I have welcomed a sewing machine where my son has been making masks. Three baby chicks are thriving in a homemade brooder near my easel, in hopes of future eggs for our family. My daughter works here editing a project for school documenting her quarantine experience. She is a New York University film student who arrived home and immediately tested positive for COVID-19. My son practices music for his school band. All of this in addition to my regular, studio art practice. This may sound like chaos, but there is an inspiring creative energy here. I am producing more work as the rest of my family simultaneously works on their own projects.

Because this virus impacted our family so directly, I am very aware of our individual responsibility to keep each other safe by staying home. I have always found that I am forced to be most creative when given limitations. With no elastic for masks to be found, we used the elastic from a fitted bed sheet. A large plastic bin has been repurposed and become a homemade chick brooder. The warming light is supported above the brooder by a microphone stand.

As for my painting, I find that I have more time. Because we were in direct contact with our daughter, we were not able to leave our home. No trips to the grocery store. Nothing. I have been able to spend larger chunks of time working, which allows for greater focus and efficiency. Being surrounded by creative people and using my energy to create art has helped me to maintain a positive attitude during this challenging time. Immersing myself in my own art and the art of others gives me hope and a sense of connection during a time when we are forced to be physically distanced. Art has the power to help us all maintain perspective and embrace new and positive ways of thinking about our current situation.



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