Creative Quarantine: Rachel Campbell

A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

From Rachel Campbell -

The quarantine time for me has been especially challenging in that I don’t have a studio space. We were on sabbatical in the UK when things became serious, so we had to leave in a hurry to come back to Durham. Our home is still being rented out, and I had let go of my studio space before we went away. Now we are renting and I am using other people’s kitchens to work in which limits what I can do. But during these stressful times I wanted to think on what I could bring to the community with my abilities. I’m not medically [inclined] clearly, so that’s not very useful, and we were in quarantine from the travel so I couldn’t leave the flat.

I wanted to bring joy to people who were losing work and under stress. So the day after we got back I posted on Instagram that I would paint small 10x10 inch paintings for people who submitted me a photo of anything that brings them joy. People pay $100 (or not if they can’t pay) and they get a painting in the post that will raise their spirits. It has been tremendously rewarding to have this connection with people and share their excitement about the paintings arriving. I have been posting the project on Instagram (you can see more of the paintings there @campbellpaints) every few days and have had a lot of excited feedback. So for this time, it has been the best way for me to work within the limitations of my environment, to connect outwardly with people who would not normally be collectors of my work, and to feel I’m spreading a bit of cheer! So far I’ve done 21 paintings and counting....



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