Creative Quarantine: Jeana Eve Klein

A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

From Jeana Eve Klein -

I can only mentally justify my creative practice right now if it is in some way gives something to others. Part of that drive has resulted in masks to give away (though certainly not at the same mass scale as so many artists right now), but a larger part has been modeling for my weaving students that the woven world is bigger than looms. 6 weeks ago, my students at Appalachian State University left for spring break, their first major projects almost finished on their looms. They had just started learning the language of weaving in January, and were ready to start speaking in visual sentences when their progress was halted. I promised to show them that weaving can happen anywhere and with anything, and so—in the last several weeks—I have woven patterns (both complex and simple) throughout my home, using the obvious choices of fabric and yarn, but also things like tights, exercise equipment, spaghetti, and toilet paper in temporary installations. This practice has been incredibly cathartic for me. It challenges that side of my brain that craves problem-solving and physical making, while providing what feels like meaningful examples to my students. It is a huge departure from my recent pre-pandemic studio work, but it is what I need to do right now, both for myself and for my students. I will be curious to see if and how the influence of this time lingers in what and how I make new work in the future.



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