Creative Quarantine: Ginger Wagg

A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

A Golden Dump, Leaving Impossible Things Unattended, Mike Dimpfl & Ginger Wagg, 2020

From Ginger Wagg -

Live, interactive performance has no place right now. As a movement-based performance artist, I have no place. Everything is reduced to the pre-performance process. Whether it is cataloging and documenting current materials (Image 1), continuing a previous project that has no interactive component (Image 2), taking refuge in the creativity of cooking and feeding oneself (Image 3), creating a studio out of one's living room, or approaching everything as an investigation into what humanity looks like at this moment in time - is the name of the game. And sometimes that means being still or incredibly productive or unavailable or in discussion over electronic devices. When there's no physical audience, no potential audience, no chance to interact in person, no real time feedback from witnesses - every day is a new and unknown private recalibration of what might create a worthwhile art experience.

Description of images:
Image 1: a golden dump, Leaving Impossible Things Unattended, Mike Dimpfl & Ginger Wagg, 2020
Image 2: Fake Sleeping, an ongoing photo series, Wild Actions, 2020
Image 3: pickled onions, refuge in feeding oneself, Wild Actions, 2020

Wild Actions (WA) is a movement-based collaboration focused on multidisciplinary and immersive performance installations. We invite participants to employ their own agency, engage in cooperation, and purposefully impact the action in real time. WA revels in approaching the obstacle, the impossible, the everyday, the behavioral, and the momentary. We have performed in North Carolina at the 21c Museum Hotel, Carrack Modern Art, Lump Projects, Moogfest, Nightlight, SEEK Raleigh, VAE and in Brooklyn, NY and Miami, FL as part of the Performance Is Alive programming during the 2019 Satellite Art Shows. (Ginger Wagg is the Artistic Director of Wild Actions.)



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