Creative Quarantine: Blue Cactus

A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

From Stephanie Stewart -

Each day is an oscillation between extreme productivity and numbness, like the dreams when you're flying and then all of a sudden your frozen and being chased by an inescapable force. It's a lot to process everything that's happening in our world. All of our performances are canceled so long as this virus persists, which has freed us up to make new art, but it takes time for me to synthesize all of the feelings and changes we're experiencing in this "new normal." Taking the time to process and creative while accepting the mental blocks in creativity as part of the process has helped me create new poetry and a couple of new songs. The songs were collaborations with my music and life partner, Mario Arnez. We've also started a monthly live stream concert series together called "Everywhere from Here".

From Mario Arnez -

As an independent musician, I used to feel intense pressure to work on the never-ending black hole that is music-booking emails, since performing live has been the tried and true way to grow our fan base and secure more income. Without a booking agent, its a necessary evil but is a path I know to do what I love. In a way, that burden has been lifted and I have been taking the creative time I had been denying myself over the past year or so.
My creative space changes a little every day, skating through varied states of organized chaos. Different pieces of music gear come in and out of the room. Notes are jotted on scraps of paper. Guitars are being maintained. My primary goal of the year is to be recording more, and I've been taking the time to follow through on that. I'm also working on being a self-sufficient photographer/videographer in order to keep stockpiling content. It's taken me at least a month to settle in and do more creative work, so I feel very lucky to be able to work this way.

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