Creative Quarantine: Amy Flynn

A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

Dogs Riding in Trucks


Quentin Quarantino(with the Electro Hygiene vacuum cleaner button) and Covidiot 19 (with the hand soap can and bug)

From Amy Flynn -

As a traveling artist who sells her work primarily at art fairs, of course I'm taking a big financial hit. I had the best lineup of shows I've ever had in my career, and one by one, I'm watching them all slip away. I have a website, but it just isn't the same. But I'm not complaining--this has been the most creative time of my life. Without the never-ending hamster wheel of making work that I know will sell, constantly trying to produce enough to make it to the next art show, I'm stretching, experimenting, and working on projects I've always wanted to try, including a whole different direction that I'm not ready to show anyone yet. But for the Fobots (Found Object Robots), the quarantine has sparked some interesting new directions. For one, the daily reminder of mortality has encouraged me to use those pieces of junk I've been clinging to, afraid to use because I know I'll never find another. The truck, for example in the first photo "Dogs Riding in Trucks"--I've been holding on to that for years. And I'm making more automata--pieces the move when you turn the crank. They are a challenge and take a LOT of time. Time I now have. The second picture is "Inspiration". Turn the crank and the robot takes a sip of coffee. As he lowers the cup, his brain activates and beautiful thoughts emerge from his head. But soon those thoughts and ideas retreat, so he drinks more coffee and the process repeats itself. If that's not a metaphor for the human condition, I don't know what is. And finally, just for fun, there's the Pandemic Series. Pictured here are "Quentin Quarantino" (with the Electro Hygiene vacuum cleaner button) and "Covidiot 19" (with the hand soap can and bug). Not pictured--"Pandumbic", Quarantina Turner", and "Miley Virus". Because we have to keep laughing, right?

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