Abstracto/Latino: Peter Marin

A Block Gallery exhibition curated by Georges Le Chevallier highlighting Latinx artists living in North Carolina who are working in abstraction

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Exhibition Artwork Artwork Statement About the Artist

Exhibition Artwork

Ese Paraiso de Ahí
Peter Marin
52” x 42”
Acrylic on canvas

Recordando a Piero
Peter Marin
56” x 35”
Acrylic on canvas

El laberinto y el Tiempo
Peter Marin
22” x 28”
Acrylic on canvas
Not for sale

La Piramide y el Tiempo
Peter Marin
56” x 34”
Acrylic on canvas

Artwork Statement

The work included in this exhibition represents a body of work that takes many ideas into mind.  For me, working in Raleigh, as a Latino artist, feels like new territory.  I have always worked in cities that have had a large represented Latino community in the arts.  Working in Raleigh, I feel I am forging new paths and this is exciting and important.

My work depends on change, albeit subtle change.  Without the expectation of what my work should be, as it has been in other cities, I am free to experiment with formal, theoretical, and philosophical issues.  Working in Raleigh, in a way feels untethered from expectation and this can only be good for my art.

About the Artist

Peter Marin was born and raised in Mexico City. He has lived in San Francisco, Oakland, Madrid, New York City, and Raleigh, NC. He received a BA from UC Berkeley and an MFA from Hunter College. Marin has been painting for 30 years, and exhibits both nationally and internationally.   His work is part of public and private collections and foundations including Hunter College, United Way, Boys and Girls Club, The City of Raleigh and SAS. 

Marín’s abstract painting references architecture, landscape, the handmade, sacred geometry, identity and uses the languages of color and abstraction. For Marin, being Mexican plays a central theme in his painting. The use of color and geometry connects his work to Mexican traditions and legacies of color and structure. As a Latino artist in the United States, his intention is to further the discussion on abstraction, moving it from formalist proposals, as it is typically though of, to a more personal vision. 

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