Abstracto/Latino: Georges Le Chevallier

A Block Gallery exhibition curated by Georges Le Chevallier highlighting Latinx artists living in North Carolina who are working in abstraction

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Exhibition Artwork Artwork Statement About the Artist & Guest Curator

Exhibition Artwork

Black Cod with Miso (after Chef Nobu Matsuhisa)
Georges Le Chevallier
48” x 36”
Green Tea, acrylic and aerosol paint, graphite, on canvas

Chiles en Nogada (after Chef Angela Salamanca)
Georges Le Chevallier
48” x 36”
Coffee, acrylic and aerosol paint, graphite, on canvas

Chilled Espresso with Ginger Beer and Rosemary-Grapefruit Bitters (after Kim Hammer)
Georges Le Chevallier
48” x 36”
Coffee beans, raspberries, acrylic paint, graphite, on canvas

Artwork Statement

As a Latinx artist who was born in Europe, grew up in Puerto Rico, and currently lives in the South, I am fascinated about food, its preparation, intricacies in our society, and representation of different cultures.  

In one hand, I see food as a positive influence to slow down, share time with family, pay attention to cultural and religious traditions, and start a conversation about multiculturalism in a time when we often lack civility with each other, especially towards immigrants. 

In the other hand, I am also aware about the negative politics of food in our society. Not only there is a human and climate cost to growing our food, but certain cuisines can also be tied up to racists stereotypes and cultural appropriation. 

Hence, I create an abstract “molecular gastronomy” for painting rooted in meditation and based on the plating practices of the culinary arts. To do this, I create mixed media paintings of specific food dishes from various cultures that I simplify to symbolic visual elements. 

Some of the materials used in my paintings are natural paints and inks that I make from food ingredients such as coffee beans, turmeric, blueberries, and matcha green tea. 

About the Artist & Guest Curator

This exhibition was curated by guest curator, Georges Le Chevallier.

Georges Le Chevallier was born in Paris France from a French father, and a Puerto Rican mother. He grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico before moving to the United States. Le Chevallier studied painting at the prestigious “Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando” in Madrid, received a BFA degree from California State University at Long Beach and an MFA degree from Hunter College in New York City.

Georges Le Chevallier’s mixed-media paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally in distinguished galleries and museums such as: The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, The Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia, Central Gallery in Budapest, El Museo del Barrio in New York City, El Museo de las Americas in San Juan, Yamanashi Museum in Japan, and Centro Cultural de Lavapies in Madrid. Not only he is a prolific painter, but he has also created multiple public art installations throughout the USA, Mexico, Hungary, Tanzania, France, Guatemala, and Chile. 

Le Chevallier is currently a faculty member at Nash Community College.

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