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2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts Awards

A Program of Raleigh Arts

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This event is sold out.

What a great response to the 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts Awards,  all seats were reserved within four hours! Stayed tuned, we are working to offer a streaming option.

About This Event

The 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts Awards, hosted by Rissi Palmer, will feature presentations and performances honoring extraordinary achievements in the arts by: 

  • Alluvial Decoder by A Gang of Three
  • Linda Dallas 
  • Paul Friedrich 
  • June Guralnick 
  • S.T.A.R. Special Theatre Arts of Raleigh 
  • The Veldt 
  • Patrick Torres 

Performers include Raleigh Little Theatre's Teens on Stage and The Veldt, a 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardee. A dessert reception will follow.  

Learn more about the 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardees

Ticket Details

This event is sold out.


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