What is Dix Park?

Dorothea Dix Park, known as Dix Park, is a 308-acre site that will be Raleigh’s largest city park. In 2019, City Council approved a master plan for the long-term vision of the park. This study is being managed by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department and a primary goal of the city is to ensure studies and plan across departments coordinate and talk to one another, so the end result is a holistic vision for the area.

Parallel to the Dix Edge Study, the Dix Park Planning team is working on a vision and construction plan for the park that will involve public input as well. That phase is called the Dix Park Gateway Plaza and Play and has an RFQ out for a study to design a portion of the park and construct it.

Visit https://dorotheadixpark.org/ for more information, or reach out to Grayson Maughan, Project Manager, for more information at Grayson.Maughan@raleighnc.gov or 919-996-4793.