SafeLight Citation Appeal Process

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Appeal Request Hearing Procedures

Appeal Request

A Request for Adjudication Hearing form must be received no later than 30 days from the mail date on the front side of the citation. This form is included on the back of citation.

Please send the form to:
Safelight Raleigh
4924 Green Road, Suite 101
Raleigh,NC 27616

  • Payment of the citation fine is required to serve as the deposit.
  • Deposits are fully refunded if the adjudicator rules in your favor.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle will be mailed the citation.
  • Vehicle owners are responsible for violations unless they can show that someone else was in the "care, custody or control" of the vehicle when the violation occurred.
  • The City will accept affidavits as allowed by law and an affidavit transferring responsibility is included on the back of each citation.
  • Instructions on how to appeal a SafeLight citation also appear on the back of each citation.
  •  Timely appeals will be heard by an administrative hearing panel, usually within 30-60 days after the appeal is properly filed.

Hearing Procedures

Hearings are scheduled on the first Wednesday of each month.

  • Hearings are informal and designed to be a customer-friendly process that usually take about 15 minutes.
  • You will be given an opportunity to state your circumstances and present supporting evidence such as photographs or diagrams.
  • Photos from the camera as well as any pertinent records will also be introduced for the Hearing Officer to review.
  • The Hearing Officer will render a written decision within 10 working days of the hearing.
  • The written decision will be provided to the SafeLight Program and staff will mail the decision to all parties. 
  • The decision of the Hearing Officer is subject to review by proceedings in the nature of certiorari in Wake Superior Court within 30 days of the final decision of the appeals panel.

Adjudication Hearing Rules and Procedures


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