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"All the Way to the Ocean" by Joel Harper is a great book to read with kids and students. It teaches them why it's important to keep trash and other pollution out of storm drains.

Come read a book while enjoying a stroll through a Raleigh park!

A StoryWalk ® allows park visitors to read pages of a children's book, one page at a time, as they walk through the park.  This is a great way to encourage reading while enjoying the outdoors! Read "All the Way to the Ocean" at Lake Lynn Park

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Virtual Reading with Carmela 

Watch this video to read along! There are also a few online resources below to use with the book. '

Read Along with Raleigh Stormwater


Follow along as we read “All the Way to the Ocean” by Joel Harper. You can also learn more on our website about stormwater and find questions to ask kids while reading the book.


Use these questions as a guide to interact with your kids while reading the book. 

  • Are there storm drains in your neighborhood? (Page 2)
  • How much litter do you see on the storm drain? (Page 3)
  • What other animals may be affected by litter besides the crab? (Page 4)
  • What ocean does our rain flow to? (Page 5)
  • Should anything besides rainwater go down the storm drain? (Page 8)
  • Where should you put your trash? (Page 10)
  • Can dog waste make the fish sick if it gets into the water? (Page 12)
  • How can we all keep streams clean? (Page 17)

Watch: Short Animated Film

All the Way to the Ocean

Based on the award-winning picture book with the same title, All The Way to the Ocean is an uplifting story about two best friends, Isaac and James and their discovery of the cause and effect relationship between our cities' storm drains and the world's oceans, lakes and rivers.



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