Protocol and Instructions for June 4 City Council Meeting

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Meeting Protocol Instructions For Joining Webex Event

Meeting Protocol

Thank you for signing up to speak at the June 4th City Council Meeting. If you landed here but have not yet registered, you can do so here.

  • Meeting agenda in Boarddocs 
  • All participants will enter the meeting muted. 
  • Host will announce commenters and unmute them in order that they registered for Webex. 
  • Host will ask participant to repeat name and state address, and public comment time begins.  
  • There will be no presentations or documents accepted for this meeting. 
  • Public Comment Rules of Decorum apply. A participant can be expelled from the Webex at any time if rules are violated.  The City Council will determine the amount of time allotted to each speaker. 

    Instructions For Joining Webex Event

    Image 1 - Special Council Meeting Sign-up
    • Commenters can join via computer, smartphone, tablet  or telephone. 
    • Download the Webex App for the best experience
    • From computer, smartphone, or tablet: 
      • Click “join event” link in email invitation, which will open Webex 
      • If “Registration ID” and “Event password” do not auto-populate, find them in the email invitation and enter manually, then click “Join now” 
    • From telephone: 
      • Dial the toll-free number from the email invitation (scroll down). 650-479-3208.
      • You’ll be prompted to enter the “event number / access code,” which can also be found in your email invitation (scroll back towards the top) 
      • You may be prompted to enter participant ID. You do not need this and can simply enter #.  
    • As an “attendee,” you’ll come into the meeting muted;  “attendees” do not participate via video -  audio only.  You will need to be unmuted by the host. 
      • City Council members are “panelists” in the Webex Event, which is why they will appear on video

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