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Planning and Development COVID-19 Information

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We've provided information below to help you plan your projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Digital Submittal

In an effort to maintain permitting services, a temporary digital submittal process will be implemented for development customers until further notice. We are experiencing higher than normal submittal volumes with longer than usual processing times. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding as we work to serve all of our customers. If you do not see your case after five business days, please email We appreciate your patience as we adjust to this changing environment.

  • Applications, plan sets, and supporting documents will be accepted via email as separate PDF files only. 
    • Plan sets must be one PDF file. Plans must be the same sheet size.
    • PDF is the only accepted file format.
    • If multiple supporting documents are required, each document must be its own PDF file. 

Email subject lines should include the following:

  • New Submittals: Indicate “New Submittal” and scope of work (alteration, repair, new building, etc.)
  • Resubmittals: Indicate “Resubmittal” and include your case number and scope of work (alteration, repair, new building, etc.)

If your file is too large to email

  •  Send a link to your file on Dropbox or another file-sharing site to the appropriate project email address. This information must be provided in the body of the email. Please only place pertinent files in Dropbox and ensure no password is required for easy retrieval by staff.

Residential projects

  • Submit via email:
  • Residential services have been expanded to include additions, new single-family dwellings, townhomes, decks/porches, accessory structures, pools/spas, auto dealers, supportive housing, special care facilities, and home daycare centers.

Non-Residential projects

  • Submit via email:
  • For new or existing buildings, townhomes, alteration/repairs, interior completion, shop drawings, field revisions, and change of use related to non-residential plans
  • Written responses must be provided for all outstanding comments, including revision date on all associated plans and clouding all revisions.

Site projects

  • Submit via email:
  • For preliminary subdivision, administrative site review, site permit review, residential and non-residential mass grading and recorded maps.

For submittal of a recorded map mylar (RCMP), a general appointment must be scheduled online and the following items must be provided:

  • Three sets of mylars (signed by the property owner(s)
  • One written response to all outstanding comments
  • One pdf of the signed mylars and written responses (required since not all reviewers are currently in the building)
  • And a form of payment at the time of submittal (check or credit card payment)

Note: If the client doesn't have all four of these items, the submittal cannot be processed and another appointment must be scheduled


Fees can be paid online via a registered account in the Permit and Development Portal. Fees can also be paid over the phone by calling 919-996-2500. Please allow five business days for your case to be created and to appear in your portal account.

On-Site Plan Requirements

Planning and Development customers who have approved digital plans are required to have a paper copy of the plans on site for inspections staff. If you have digitally submitted your plans for review, please be certain to print or plot the digitally certified plans and have them on site.

Customers that have a digitally approved sediment and erosion control plan are required to provide a paper copy of the plans to the City Stormwater inspector prior to the pre-construction meeting.

Remote Inspections

To support efforts to protect the community, we have expanded the live remote inspection program to include the following inspections:

Single family dwelling

  • Reinspection for non-life safety items
  • Temporary construction pole service
  • Replacement of electrical HVAC units
  • Replacement of HVAC gas units (eligible for a partial approval. Final on-site approval will be required)
  • Replacement of electrical water heater
  • Water and sewer trenches for repair projects
  • Water and sewer trenches for new projects
  • Electrical trenches for new or repair projects
  • Footing, slab, foundation
  • Trade inspections (plumbing, mechanical, electrical)
  • Insulation


  • Trade inspections (electrical, mechanical, plumbing and/or framing) and rough-in inspections for single family dwellings (deck repairs, remodel, and renovation projects)
  • Trade inspections (electrical, mechanical, plumbing and/or framing) and rough-in inspections for single family dwelling additions and deck projects

Non-Residential (Commercial)

  • Reinspection for non-life safety items
  • Temporary construction pole service
  • Partial inspections (footings, partial walls, slabs, etc.)

For currently scheduled inspections, you or your contractor will be contacted via telephone and offered the option for a remote inspection. This will allow field staff to perform the inspection without entering your home. Field staff will guide you through the process via your video conferencing tool of choice (Facetime, Skype, etc.).

Please note that remote inspections are not mandatory and customers who do not wish to participate in this voluntary program can discuss options with field staff once they are contacted. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Plans Pick Up

Customers who need to retrieve approved or denied plans from the Customer Service Center in One Exchange Plaza may do so by making an appointment online. Appointments are in-person and available Monday-Friday on the 4th floor of One Exchange Plaza.

All fees for approved plans must be paid before they can be released. Payments can be made online via a registered account in the Permit and Development Portal or over the phone by calling 919-996-2500.

Mailed Notification Process

Customers who need to submit notification letters as part of their application requirements should note the following changes in process:

Preliminary Subdivision Applicants

  • Notification letters for Preliminary Subdivisions should be mailed to the following address for processing: Planning and Development Dept., Attn: Daniel L. Stegall, One Exchange Plaza, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27602
    • Per UDO Section 10.1.8 and TC-11-20, an amendment of UDO Section 10.2.1, the notification letters are to be delivered to the City at the time of application submission. Please mail your letters as soon as possible to avoid delays. 
    • Mailouts will be processed once we receive both your digital application and your notification letter package.
    • All information specified on the Preliminary Subdivision webpage should be included with the notification letters before they are mailed to the City.
    • Pre-application Conferences have been waived in accordance with UDO Section 10.2.5.D. 

Residential Infill Development

  • For projects submitted after 11/19/20, notification letters for Residential Infill development are no longer required, as a result of TC-14-19
  • This text change eliminates the Infill notification requirements, which you may take advantage of, for projects submitted prior to 11/19/20. However, this will require action on your part. Please submit a transmittal response and add a note on the survey and/or plans with your next resubmission indicating that you would like to be reviewed based on the requirements of TC-14-19.
  • Any infill notifications letters which have already been mailed out, will have to continue to adhere to the posting requirements. All information specified on the Residential Infill Development webpage should be included with the notification letters before they are mailed to the City.     

For questions about the mailed notification process, you can email Please note this email address does not accept applications or supporting documents.

Stormwater Inspections

The following social distancing requirements are now in effect on active construction sites during stormwater inspections:

  • Avoid the inspection area before and during the inspection. This includes contractors, sub-contractors, property owners, and any other workers/laborers. 
  • Vehicles/crews should stay away from the construction entrances and the street in front of a single-family lot closest to the inspection. This will allow our inspectors to follow social distancing while accessing the site. 
  • We may not complete the inspection if the area is not cleared. Once the inspector can safely access the site you can reschedule the inspection. 

Questions? Contact the stormwater inspector on-site or Lauren Witherspoon at 919-617-7829.

Visit the City's main COVID-19 Information page.


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