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Instructions for Virtual Forum

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Instructions for Public Participation in Meetings Tips for the Best Experience How To Join Webex  More Resources 

Instructions for Public Participation in Meetings

Thank you for participating in the virtual forum on Sunday, June 12th for candidates applying for the Raleigh City Council District D seat. Please note, we are asking that everyone participating join 30 minutes prior (2:30 p.m.) to the 3 p.m. start time, so we can make sure the technology is working.  On this page, you’ll find further instructions and information about the meeting.

The general public can view the meeting via regular channels – the City’s website, YouTube, or TV (RTN 11).

More information regarding the District D Seat

Tips for the Best Experience

If you’re joining from a tablet or smart phone, download the free Webex app for the best experience.  

Regardless of device you use, you will be joining the meeting as an “panelist” and will be seen on video.   

To make sure you can be easily seen and heard, follow these best practices:

Joining the meeting (detailed instructions further below) and equipment

  • Sign in with the first and last name you used to sign up
  • Do not change the auto-populated meeting passcode
  • Check equipment and internet connection prior to the call
  • Be sure your device is charged and have power cord on hand


  • Keep your speakers unmuted so you can hear the meeting
  • You may need to give Webex access to your microphone and speaker if you haven’t already
  • Remember to see if you are muted before you start to speak (microphone icon will be red)
  • To minimize background noise, use headphones and mute yourself when not speaking
  • Position yourself as close as you can to the computer’s microphone (if not using headphones)


  • Light well. Lights and angles are just as important for video calls as they are for professional photo shoots.
  • Ensure your location is not too dark or too bright
  • Do not add lights to your background behind or beside you; instead, place a light in front of you (but not in-between you and your computer) to light your face
  • Try to avoid windows in your background if the sun is shining bright through it
  • Choose a neutral background   
  • Dress your best. Try to wear colors that contrast with your background. 

  • Keep notes/materials handy 
  • Clean your camera
  • Be mindful that you’re on camera at ALL times

How To Join Webex 

See below for a step-by-step process for joining the Webex Event.  

Step 1:

Join the meeting. There are a few ways to join a meeting from your computer, tablet or smart phone. These include:

  • From the email invite you received.
  • Click the Join Event link. 


Council WebEx How-To #1
  • Directly from your calendar
    • Click the link in the Outlook calendar item. You can join from the Join Meeting link.
Council How-To #2
  • From the pop-up reminder on the lower right corner of your screen
    • Click on the Join Meeting button when it is time.  
Council How-To #3

You will not be able to enter the meeting until the start time (2:30 p.m.)

Step 2:

Enter your information. After joining the meeting, you may be prompted to enter your name and email address. Enter the first, last name and email you used to sign up to speak (and the invite was sent to) so the Moderator can identify you properly. Do not change the password that has been generated in the password box. Click Submit when finished.

WebEx How-To #4

Step 3:

Connect with audio. After entering your information, you will be presented with several options for your audio connection. For audio, select “Call Using Computer” or “Use internet for audio” on tablet or smart phone, and you may need to click the green “join” button again. You may need to give Webex access to your microphone if you haven’t already. Make sure your speaker is unmuted so you can hear the meeting. Click the green Connect Audio button and you will be entered into the meeting.

Step 4:

Take note of your controls.  The icons below will be displayed on a computer. Some may be hidden under the (…) icon on tablet or smart phone. 

  • Mute/unmute your audio  
  • Share content (files or screens) within the meeting – this should not be needed for this meeting
  • Display/hide participant list (list will appear to the right on a computer, as a pop up on tablet, smart phone under (…) icon)
  • Open/close meeting chat 
    • Options to chat directly to host/moderator, other panelists, or all attendees (reminder: the public will not actually be in the meeting - they'll be viewing via RTN11, the City's website, or Youtube)
    • Chat will appear on the right side for computer, or as a pop up for tablet and smart phone
  • More options listed by name (…) (e.g. change audio connection)
  • Leave/end the meeting
Council WebEx #5
Council WebEx #6

* The mute box will turn red when it is in use.

Step 5:

Select viewing options. Next, three viewing options will appear. Click the Grid View option. This will allow you to see all video members participating in the meeting.  

Council WebEx How-To #7

Step 5:

Closing your Webex Meeting 

Click on the red circle with an X. Then click on Leave Meeting. 

Council WebEx How-To #8

More Resources 


  • How to join an event 
  • Video tutorial
  • Install the Webex mobile app for free for the best experience from a smartphone





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