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Connect Raleigh: Using Geography to Map Data 

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Learn how the City of Raleigh uses the science of geography to collect and map data in a way that makes it easy to: 

  • Analyze information; 
  • Support decision making; and, 
  • Share information with the public.  

The event was in partnership with the Science Cafe series at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.


A headshot of Jim Alberque - GIS and Emerging Technology Manager

James Alberque - GIS and Emerging Technology Manager

City of Raleigh GIS and Emerging Technology Manager, James Alberque, talked about how the City of Raleigh uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS), specifically through tools such as:


iMAPS - a mapping system that shows helpful facts about parcels of land in Wake County, including property boundaries, planning jurisdictions, voting precincts, and natural elements such as rivers, streams, wetlands, and topography. 

Park Locator

Raleigh’s Park Locator - a mapping system that helps you find parks or specific park features close to your home, with directions to those parks and information about recreational programs offered near you. 

And More

Real-time data to better understand the city as a whole.   

Watch the Event

A recording of the event is on YouTube. (November 12, 2020)



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