Capital Facilities Fee Study

Request for Public Feedback Until March 31, 2022.

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Raleigh Water – Request for Feedback on Raftelis Capital Facilities Fee Study

Raleigh Water – Request for Feedback on Raftelis Capital Facilities Fee Study

About the Raleigh Water Capital Facilities Fees 
System development fees are one-time fees charged to new developments connecting to a utility system for the first time. Water and Sewer System Development Fees are referred to as Capital Facilities Fees in the area served by the City of Raleigh. These fees are paid by developers. There are no impact of these fees on residential customers. They are designed to help recover the cost of water and sewer capacity and infrastructure necessary to serve new customers.
North Carolina law requires re-adoption of these fees at least every five years. As it did in 2017, the City retained Raftelis, an industry leader, to produce an analysis calculating maximum appropriate Water and Sewer Capital Facilities Fees. N.C. General Statute §162A-205 dictates the method and criteria used to calculate the maximum potential fees. City Council is prohibited from adopting a fee that is higher than was calculated in the analysis.

About the Raftelis Report
Raftelis has completed a draft analysis that is ready for public input. North Carolina law requires the Water and Sewer Capital Facilities Fee analysis be posted on the City’s website for a 45-day public comment period. All comments will be forwarded to Raftelis for review. Raftelis must consider any comments made during this period and prepare possible modifications or revisions into the final report.

Raftelis Capital Facilities Fee Study

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