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Brentwood Road Final Results Final Design Meeting We want to hear from you!

Brentwood Road Final Results

Brentwood Road Final Results

The Brentwood Road traffic calming project has failed due to lack of participation from the on-street residents and from the residents in the overall neighborhood per the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program policy.  

At the January 19, 2021 Council meeting, Council voted to waive the adopted participation thresholds per the policy and move the Brentwood Road Traffic Calming Project forward.  Council set a Public Hearing with Design Review for the March 2, 2021 evening Council session.  Council will hold the Public Hearing and allow residents to speak in favor or opposition of the project and after closing of the Public Hearing will make their final vote to authorize construction.

If Council votes in favor of the project, staff will begin working on the final design documents and construction documents so the project can be constructed at the earliest possible time.  Currently, staff expects construction activities at some point in the second half of 2021.  As more details come forward, a more concrete construction schedule will be presented.

Final Design Meeting

The Virtual Final Design meeting has concluded, and staff has updated the proposed design where design changes could be made based on the comments and questions presented in the open comment period. 


Additional chicane between Fordham Ln and Glenridge Dr: 

  • An additional chicane has been added based on this request 

Additional chicane or treatment between Julian Dr and Ingram Dr: 

  • No treatments were placed due to the existing road construction, existing sewer infrastructure, and existing stormwater storm drain locations.  Although an additional treatment in this location could have been a net positive to the overall design, there will be no major negatives associated with not adding another treatment in this location.  The addition of the multiway stop at Julian Dr will dramatically alter how drivers drive over the hill and drive downhill towards Vinson Ct.  This newly added stop sign will work in tandem with the proposed treatments in this section with an expected driver speed in the mid-20s. 

Re-evaluation of multiway stop at the intersection of Brentwood Rd and Julian Dr 

  • Due to existing road construction, sight distances, and a history of crashes at this intersection, a multiway stop is the best tool to address all the concerns present.  Other treatments, such as additional neighborhood traffic circles, were evaluated, but based on the unique characteristics of this intersection, a multiway stop is the only traffic control device that meets all the requirements.  Continued evaluation will occur after placement. 

Final Plans

Chicane Detail

Split Pinch Detail

Neighborhood Traffic Detail


We want to hear from you!

Now is the time for you to let us know if you want the project as designed and presented here to be constructed on your street.

There are two ways to cast your ballot: 

Please also review the attached Brentwood Road Traffic Calming design with the attached details showing specifics related to all the treatments being proposed. 

All votes must be received by November 6, 2020 and only 1 vote per household will be allowed. 
Final results will be posted on November 20, 2020. 




Will Shumaker
Traffic Calming Administrator

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