a railing/fence with artwork cut into it by Terolenn Barr, St. Anne Street Fence, City of St. Albert

Fence Artwork by Terolenn Barr, St. Anne Street Fence, City of St. Albert

Artist Call: Artful Railings

Bus Rapid Transit Stations Public Art

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Image Above: Fence Artwork by Terolenn Barr, St. Anne Street Fence, City of St. Albert

Project Overview


  • Design and create Railing artworks at 11 at Bus Rapid Transit stations along the New Bern Corridor
  • Designers and 2D artists encouraged to apply
  • The Artist Fee for detailed final design (community engagement, location, integration method, construction documents) is $15,000 
  • The Project budget for Public Art fabrication and installation is up to $150,000 
  • Qualifications must be submitted by October 10, 2021. There is no fee to submit qualifications.
  • Up to three semi-finalists will be selected for interview and will interview remotely via Zoom and be paid a $100 stipend. 
  • Apply Online


  1. This opportunity is open to individuals and teams who live or work in North Carolina.
  2. Applicants must be either a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident and be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Applicants must have at least a three-year history of professional practice (this does not necessarily need to be public art experience, but could include studio art practice, creative design work, etc).
  4. Applicants must have demonstrated experience in design through the creation of high-quality work. 
  5. Lead applicant cannot be enrolled in an undergraduate course of study as of January 1, 2021.

Project Details

About Bus Rapid Transit & Public Art

In November of 2016, Wake County voters approved a plan for focused investment in public transit which includes building approximately 20 miles of transit lanes along four (4) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a flexible high-capacity transit solution that combines physical and operational elements to increase service speed and reliability. BRT creates dedicated bus lanes on local roads so bus operators can bypass traffic and keep their routes on schedule. BRT stations will feature raised platforms, making it easier for passengers to board the bus. Fares are collected on the platform so passengers can board without delay. Learn more about Wake BRT and the New Bern BRT Corridor

The first BRT corridor, New Bern Avenue, will connect downtown Raleigh with Wake Med and New Hope Rd. Construction is anticipated to begin in the Summer of 2022.

As part of the project, the City of Raleigh is hiring artists to create artwork integrated in the stations. The artwork will aesthetically enhance the stations while also highlighting community stories and history. 

This Artist Call is specifically for the New Bern Bus Rapid Transit Corridor. Selection for this project does not necessarily mean you will be selected for other BRT corridors. Please note that artwork designs may be used in additional formats including City of Raleigh publications, digital displays at BRT Stations, and on the City of Raleigh website and social media channels.

    Public Art Goals and Opportunities

    • Create unique and aesthetically pleasing railing designs that speak to community character, stories, and/or histories
    • Create Railings at 11 of the BRT Stations. 
    • Provide a unified aesthetic throughout the New Bern BRT Corridor while still creating a unique identity for each station.
    • Collaborate with the project team (artists, architects and engineers) to design a cohesive aesthetic experience at each bus station
    • Please note that railing artwork designs may be used in additional formats (for example, digital displays at the BRT stations).
    Railing Artwork Process

    The selected artist will design and create Railing Artworks for the Wake BRT New Bern Corridor.

    The City will provide the functional railing (top rail, bottom rail, and upright column elements). The artist will be responsible for the aesthetic panel inset for the railing.

    The process for creating and installing the aesthetic panel will be determined as the creation of the design progresses. However, if needed, the Railing Artist should be able to provide detailed construction drawings to skilled fabricators/installers as well as a detailed budget.

    Community Engagement

    A major component of this design process is conducting community engagement sessions to gather feedback from the communities near each station, with the goal of including the shared history and experiences of the community in the station artworks. This project requires strong interpersonal skills and the ability to listen deeply and thoughtfully to community input. Public engagement and community outreach will be supported by City staff and integrated into the Wake BRT outreach process.    

    Artist-in-Residence Dare Coulter has already created a roadmap of themes and possible histories at each station, but selected artists will be expected to conduct research and community sessions in order to fully flesh out themes at their 2 selected stations. Themes that have already been identified for possible inclusion in the various artworks may include history, wayfinding, nature, playful fun, and community inspiration. 

    The City is also working to hire a local historian who can provide a historical narrative for each station as well as a roadmap for the overall corridor. That information will be made available to artists as they begin the design process.

    Artist and Design Team Collaboration

    Selected artists will collaborate closely with a team of artists and designers. Members of the team include:

    • 9 glass artists - each designing glass windscreens at 2 stations
    • 1 Artist responsible for designing and creating the concrete integrated artwork and wayfinding (ground-plane) at up to 19 of the stations
    • 1 Artist responsible for designing and creating metal railing artwork at 11 of the stations
    • The BRT station architecture and engineering team
    • Installers and contractors working on the project 

    The design of the Glass artists work will take the lead on defining the narrative and aesthetic of each station. Using the glass art as inspiration, the Concrete artist and Railing artist will create work that speaks to the unique themes and history of that station. 

    To create a cohesive look at each station, the glass, railing, and integration artists will be expected to coordinate on design inspiration and overall station aesthetics. Each station will have a unique character while enhancing and establishing the design identity of the corridor. 

    Artists will also work closely with the Architects and Engineers on the project to make sure designs follow transportation, transit, ADA, and other guidelines. Furthermore, artists will work with the station design team to ensure cohesion between the different types of art integration.

    Separate Artist Calls will be issued for glass artists and the railing artist. If you are interested in applying for other BRT public art opportunities, you can find them on the Artist Calls website page.

    Read the full artist call to learn more about the project and selection process


    All materials must be received no later than Sunday, October 10 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Incomplete or late submittals will not be considered.


    • The Artist Fee for detailed final design (community engagement, location, integration method, construction documents) is $15,000 
    • The Project budget for Public Art fabrication and installation is up to $150,000  

    How to Apply

    Artists wishing to be considered must submit the following materials online:

    1. Statement of Interest
      Outlining your connection to or interest in this place and how you foresee engaging with the community, how your artwork might translate to this project and the experience you have working on public art projects. You can submit this information as either a 500 word (or less) written statement OR a two-minute or less audio or video clip. We will only play the first two minutes of audio for the panel
    2. Collaboration
      The ability to collaborate with artists, designers, and architects is integral to the success of this project. Please discuss experience you have working collaboratively on creative and/or public art projects.
    3. Biography
      A biography of no more than one page that includes information regarding your practice, experience, and education. If applying as a team, submit a single file containing separate biographies for each team member. 
    4. Three Professional References  
      Contact information for three references: including name, title and affiliation, phone number and email address. References should be able to speak to your ability to provide services for a public project or artwork of a similar scope.
    5. Teams (optional)
      In the spirit of cross-collaboration, the City would like to allow artists to apply as teams across the three New Bern BRT Artist Calls. If there are Railing, Concrete, and/or Glass artists you propose working with you can list their name(s) here. 

      You can apply across the Artist Calls and let us know if you would like to work together, but the Glass or Concrete artist will need to submit a separate application for that particular call. 

      If you intend to work with another artist on the Railing art you can submit your applications together

      The city reserves the right to use teams as proposed or make individual selections based on the discretion of the selection panel. 

    6. Previous Work, Digital Images
      Eight digital images of recent work.  Each image should include title, year, media, location, project budget, dimensions, commissioning agency, and collaborators or design professionals (if applicable). You can also choose to submit renderings/sketches of how their work could translate to a public project. Please do not submit specific proposals for this project as any concept design will need input from the design team and community.

    Do not provide or submit any other materials with your application. They will not be reviewed by the panel and will not be returned. For questions contact Jenn Hales, Public Art Coordinator, Raleigh Arts, at jenn.hales@raleighnc.gov.

    Fill out the online application



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