Administrative Alternate for Design Cases

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Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
AAD-10-21 320 W. South Street AC 10-21-21 Pettibone
AAD-11-21 Towne Bank/7100 Falls of Neuse Road APA 11-4-21 Pettibone
AAD-12-21 Chick-Fil-A/601 E. Six Forks Road AC 9-16-21 Pettibone
AAD-13-21 1108 Capital Boulevard APA 11-4-21 Pettibone
AAD-14-21 NC DHHS/3905 Reedy Creek Road APA 11-4-21 Pettibone
AAD-15-21 6129 Glenwood Avenue Restaurant AC 10-21-21 Pettibone


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