Abstracto/Latino: Nora Philips

A Block Gallery exhibition curated by Georges Le Chevallier highlighting Latinx artists living in North Carolina who are working in abstraction

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Exhibition Artwork

Nora Phillips
11" x 14"
Mixed media on paper

Nora Phillips
11" x 14"
Mixed media on paper

Cincuenta y cinco
Nora Phillips
11" x 14"
Mixed media on paper

Artwork Statement

This collection of small works reflects my life during three months of this pandemic.  These strange times, where our traditional social interaction has changed so much, has forced us to find new ways of expressing our emotions. My intention has been to reflect, through these paintings, the moment-to-moment forms, ideas, and emotions that have come up for me as they have changed throughout the days.

The challenge I have confronted has been how to combine abstraction, that requires reduction and simplification, with something that evokes in the observer an emotional response.  Color and thread are two ways to create physical contents that have emotional interpretations. Colors reflect certain moods, which when combined with thread, sewing, and geometric and abstract forms, can be used as analytic-emotional tools to elicit emotions.

One of the characteristic features of our Latin culture is that of an abundant expression of emotions. As a Latina artist, I consider myself as an expressionist, a tradition harkening back to northern Europe in the early 20th century, where artists work from a completely subjective perspective, distorting their view of the world to evoke emotions, moods, and ideas.

These twenty-one works of mixed technique reveal different aspects of this form of expression. With them, I invite my audience to interpret my work within their own context and personal experience.

Esta colección de obras pequeñas refleja el transcurso de mi vida en tres meses de esta pandemia. Durante estos tiempos extraños, donde ha cambiado tanto nuestra interacción social tradicional y necesitamos nuevas maneras de expresar nuestras emociones, he querido con estos trabajos reflejar día a día las formas, ideas y emociones de cada momento. 

Mi desafío ha sido combinar abstracción, que requiere reducción y simplificación, con algo que genere en el observador una respuesta emocional. El color y el hilo son dos maneras de comunicar contenidos físicos que tienen interpretaciones emocionales. Los colores reflejan ciertos estados anímicos, que, en combinación con el hilo, la costura, las formas geométricas y abstractas, uso como herramientas analítico-emocionales para ello.

Una de las características de nuestra cultura latina, es una abundante expresión emocional.

Como artista latina me considero expresionista: una tradición de principios del siglo XX proveniente del norte de Europa, donde los artistas trabajan desde una perspectiva completamente subjetiva, distorsionando la visión del mundo para evocar emociones, estados de animo e ideas.

Esta colección de veintiún obras pequeñas de técnica mixta revela distintos matices de esta forma de expresión y con ello invito a los observadores que interpreten mi obra dentro de su propio contexto y experiencia personal.

About the Artist

I am a painter and fiber artist living in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. 

I was born and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After living and working in Argentina and Colombia, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, where I pursued my interests in contemporary quilting and textile design.

In 1995 I relocated to North Carolina to the Triangle area with a desire to establish my artistic career in fiber design and quilting. During the initial years, I dedicated myself to learning the many techniques of fiber painting and eventually became quite proficient at them. I taught quilting and fabric manipulation classes and I have had my textile artworks exhibited in shows in Raleigh and Cary, NC. My work in fiber painting and fabric dying naturally led me to become very interested in painting as a medium in itself and to the study of color.

I have exhibited my paintings at the North Carolina Museum of Art, the City of Raleigh Museum and the Greenville Museum of Art, at galleries in the Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary) in NC, and several of them are in private art collections.

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